New Jersey sets iGaming partner deadline for 29th of June

The state of New Jersey just put a deadline out that requires all the iGaming’s licensee’s to implement every single cyber betting partnership they have by June 29th. If these licensee’s do not comply then they will not be able to see the Garden State’s Internet Gambling Launch in the fall.

This deadline is very important to all the Licensee’s with offshore betting firms because it could mean that they will lose a lot of money. This is why all the Licensee’s are rushing to make the deadline by all means.

This deadline is put into place because the Garden Sate wants to run checks on every single partnership that these online casinos have. This way they are able to tell which online casinos are running safely and which online casinos are not running safely. This is why you will see only the safest and most secure online casinos within New Jersey.