$205,199 Casino Wide Win A Day Progressive Won

Win A Day Casino is often one of the best in terms of providing their players special tournaments or bonuses. The latest tournament to be offered through Win A Day casino is a progressive jackpot throughout all of their video slots. Whoever was playing one of those slots would randomly win the progressive jackpot and it seems today that finally after a week time someone won that progressive. One unknown player was able to win $205,199, which is a e win.

Win A Day Casino

These progressive jackpot tournaments are offered on a regular basis by Win A Day casino. Normally you will see that players only win on average $186,779 while playing these tournaments. Luckily this fortunate player was able to win more than the average amount in this month’s first tournament. The largest progressive to be won through these tournaments is $255,459. This player was close to winning more than the maximum amount ever won but still none the less this is still one incredible progressive win.

Unfortunately the details on this win are still unknown as of right now. Yes, we do know that this progressive was won at Win A Day Casino but we don’t know which slot this progressive it was won on or who triggered this win. When this information becomes known to the media we will inform you of what the winning player has intended with his new found winnings. Those wishing to get in on the next tournament can do so by registering with Win A Day casino.