Online Sports Bookie Murdered

Oliver Frolich, a 50 year old online sports bookie for HappyBet was found dead at his office in Frankfurt. The citizens of the Germany city had to walk past the entrance of Frolich’s office with his dead body for the whole world to see. Mr. Frolich was found dead with two bullet shots in his … [Read more…]

Online Poker Becoming More Popular In New Jersey

New Jersey is the third state within the USA to legalize online gambling. Since their full launch back on November 21st New Jersey has seen a huge amount of player account registrations. They now have more punters gambling then Nevada or Delaware combined. Recent Studies show that online poker is now becoming extremely popular in … [Read more…]

Online gambling ban being considered by Pennsylvania politician

A Politician from Pennsylvania announced that he has plans to introduce a new bill that would completely outlaw online gambling in his state. This wouldn’t be the sharpest move he could make as his neighboring states, Delaware and New Jersey have legalized online gambling to its full potential. The announcement came from the State Senator … [Read more…]

Nyx and Sportech Link Up Together

Well known international betting group Sportech PLC announced today that they have signed a new deal with Nyx Gaming. The both of these developers will work together as one to bring online gambling products to the USA. The new deal will have Sportech and Nyx as partners in a new betting firm. Each one of … [Read more…]