An Oil Industry executive was sentenced to prison for stealing money to gamble online

An interesting news has just showed that an UK executive director coming from an important oil company has just been sentenced to 8 months in prison. The reason why this happened is because he was caught stealing no more than £231K from the company money in order to feed his need to gamble online.

Her name is Shelly Reilly and she was found guilty due to the fact that she stole money out of her employee account during a 10 month period of time. The name of the employee is Scorpio UK and which is an oil company from the United Kingdom. The money was taken from the company to gamble online while she was hoping to bring enough in order to pay for a fertility treatment, which in most cases can prove to be quite expensive.

In order to accomplish all that, she used the company credit card in order to deposit money at the online gambling websites and it was a quite expensive process since there were £231,000. Everything was noticed by the company since her performances at works went down a lot and an internal audit took place.

Ever since she was arrested, Reilly managed to pay back only £63K. Out of that sum of money only around £7K were her online winnings.
It was a case commented as very anti-social which had an excellent and sustained plan. The story of all this is incredible, especially since instead of hitting the jackpot and win as she planned, she had to deal with losses that along with the snowball effect managed to grow larger into a process that she couldn’t control and she ended up losing some big sums of money.